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    What do you wear to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert?

    My boyfriend is taking me to see them for my birthday next month. Neither one of us has been before and we keep getting mixed reviews on what to wear. We’ve both attended orchestras before but not one like this so we don’t know if to dress up or down. Please only answer if you’ve been to one and have seen the attire. Thanks!

    5 Responses to “What do you wear to a Trans-Siberian Orchestra Concert?”

    • cameronisbored says:

      Formal is best. Some people will probably be dressed casually, but it’s always better to over dress than under dress.

      You: Nice evening gown (black)
      Him: Nice suit w/ tie (black and white is best, but tie can match your accessories)

      Edit: Well, I’ve never been to one of their concerts, so I’m sure the person below is probably right.

    • Ang says:

      Holy cow if you dress the way the above poster described you’ll be over dressed. We went to see them for New Years eve last year at a sports arena, I wore dress pants (heels of course) and a nice shirt, he wore khakis and a button down. I guess it depends on where you are seeing them at and where you seats are. It’s more like a concert than it is an actual orchestra.

    • Donald S says:

      Wear COSSACK’S clothing, of course.

    • Shy Girls Win says:

      Wow, awesome birthday present! I saw them for the first time in Hartford last night and it was simply amazing. Many people I saw did not dress formally, a lot of men wore khakis but honestly, I wasn’t out of place at all and I wore jeans. Don’t go crazy and put on a formal gown or dress. Depending on where you’re going, you don’t really have to worry about dressing formally. Just dress normal, casual. Everyone will be too distracted by the orchestra to care about what you’re wearing anyway. Hope you enjoy the show!

    • TK O'Shannahan says:

      Taking 4 of my kids to see TSO in Hamilton. Yes it’s at a sports arena but it’s TSO…our all time favorite. Of course we’ll go formal…evening gowns and one little man in a very nice suit.

      That said, it’s purely by choice to go formal. It makes the whole experience better for the kids (formal dinner followed by their favorite orchestra). I’m soooooooo glad they’re so into TSO and not the likes of Lady Gaga. (thank you God…thank you…thank you.)

      No matter how you dress though, you are in for one very powerful evening of entertainment. Nobody can dress loud enough to block that out.

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