How much cost the carnival rides at Houston Rodeo?

Is a wrist band deal ?

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  • HaydenLennon/McCartney says:

    It matters which one you want. you have to buy the tickets to buy them, which are 10 tickets for 5$, 20 tickets for 10$, 40 tickets for 20$ and 100 tickets for 50$. the rides can range fron 7 to 9 tickets per person.the ferris wheel is 9 tickets,and so is the sky ride.the big bumper cars cost 8 tickets, and the cliff hanger costs 8 tickets. again, prices range with the type of ride. and no, they don’t have a wrist band deal….at least i don’t think…

  • Abby rox says:

    A wrist band would be a good idea. I got two 100 tickets, and that wasn’t enough. It would really help to :)

  • Kyle says:

    a bunch of money! but seriously they’re all different

  • Marilyn says:

    um no its not i wish they had those wrist bands n omg is fucking expensive for reals nad every ticket coast like $2 and if you look a it the big rides are like 9 tickets 9×2 18 $18 dollars for a ride its lotz uh
    lol i dont kno if tats right but yea i think tats how it goes well da thing iz its lotz

  • ashley says:

    how much are wristbands? where can you buy them? and what does it include?…thanks:)

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